Whisky tastings and experiences
At Scottish Delight, we hope we can assist anybody wishing to explore the wonderful world of whisky. In order to help fulfill that goal, we offer whisky tasting services for beginners and experienced whisky connoisseurs alike. Our tasting services are primarily aimed at the Danish market, and will be conducted in English, although arrangements can be made to do them elsewhere as well.

Our beginner tasting service will typically include at one whisky from all of the major regions in Scotland. We generally stick to a maximum of 6 different whiskies per session. The tasting will include a basic introduction to whisky by means of a presentation, and of course will include plenty of time to try the different drams.

We can also provide tasting services for more experienced whisky enthusiasts, with a selection of drams selected by the customer in order to highlight whiskies of a certain distillery, a specific region, or for the daring groups, we can offer the “The Old Boys” selection, where we will serve a selection of whiskies at least 25 years old.

We have a “Ladies Special”, where we pair whiskies with every lady’s favorite: chocolate. While this combination might come across as odd, we assure you that whisky and chocolate are a match made in heaven.

We can serve larger parties (for instance a corporate tasting) at a location of your choice.

We recommend being conservative when it comes to wearing perfume, after-shave or other scents in order to be able to fully experience all the magnificent flavors and tastes the whiskies have to offer. For prices on tastings, please contact us. We will ensure we will cater to your specific wishes, while taking care not to exceed your budget.

As a last note, for those wondering where the names of our tasting arrangements come from, they are named after songs by the popular Scottish band Runrig, who provided us with the inspiration to start a company promoting whisky, and Scotland.

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Whisky Tasting Arrangements

1. “Alba” (Gaelic for Scotland)
This is our most basic tasting arrangement. It includes a single malt whisky from each of the major whisky producing regions in Scotland. Representing the Lowlands, we have a bottle of smooth, triple distilled Auchentoshan 10 years old. From Campbeltown we selected a nice 10 year old Springbank. Moving north, we find The Macallan 12 year old willing to defend the honour of the Speyside area. Slightly to the west of Speyside, we find the distillery of GlenMorangie, offering their GlenMorangie “The Lasanta” as a fine example of Highland whiskies. Even more north, on the island of Orkney, the most northern malt distillery in Scotland, Highland Park, offers a lovely bottle of 12 years old as an example of Island whiskies and an introduction to peat. Finally, we conclude our voyage on the island of Islay, with a nice peaty (some even say medicinal) Laphroaig 10 years old.

2. Alba Deluxe
This is a similar package as the Alba package, but this time, we will taste some more mature versions of the whiskies or otherwise special samples from the distilleries. The Lowlands offers an Auchentostan 21 years old (triple distilled, making it extremely smooth). In the Campbeltown area, we find a Springbank 15 years old. MacAllan from Speyside offers a 18 year old. GlenMorangie 18 years old is our Highland dram. Highland Park 18 years old represents the Islands in this package, and the Laphroaig 18 years old will provide a magnificent ending for this tasting.

3. “The Ocean Road”. A taste of Islay whiskies.
For those who belong to the growing group of those who fell in love with the smokey, peaty style of Islay whiskies, we offer an evening of nothing but peat. We start off with a blend of Islay whiskies, the Black Bottle Scotch Blend – Heart of Islay. We then head to the south of Islay, where an Ardbeg teams up with two Laphroaigs. Bowmore happily joins in, and a wonderful Lagavulin drops by for a surprise visit. Lastly, a nice Caol Ila concludes the night of the peat.

4. “The old boys”. Whiskies ripe with age.
An evening geared towards the more experienced whisky drinkers yearning for a taste of something more exclusive, or companies who wish to present their employees with something truly special, this evening will offer a selection of whiskies aged for at least 25 years. Unfortunately we cannot provide a list of whiskies included, as the selection will depend on availability of the individual whiskies, and the number of people involved in the tasting.

5. “The sea route to the Orient” –  Japanese whiskies
When one thinks about whisky, one thinks about Scotland. Japan, however, produces some whiskiess that might surprise you by richness of their taste, and the fullness of the flavour. They sure managed to surprise us. We will take you on a tour that includes the Yamazaki malts, Karuizawa malts, and the Hibiki blends. You can successfully combine this package with sushi for an evening you and your party will never forget.

6. World appeal – Whiskies from all over the world
This package will introduce the taster to whiskies (or whiskeys) from different countries of the world. From Scotland, The MacAllan. From Ireland, Jameson. From the USA, Jim Beam. From Japan, Hibiki, From Canada, Canadian Club. And finally, from Germany, Slyrs.

7. Ribhinn O (O girl)
Smooth whiskies meet dark tasty chocolate. A bit of Lowlands, Speyside and the Highlands from Scotland, complimented with three Irish whiskeys and combined with the best quality chocolate to make sure this evening will be a huge success.

For all tastings we ensure there will be plenty of bottled mineral water around for during and in-between the whisky tasting, as well as French bread and crackers (for clearing your palate). We are also able to serve a light meal with delicious bread, cheeses and sausages.

Where other companies offer you 2 cl. whisky, we provide you with no less than 3 cl. in order for you to be able to enjoy the dram a wee bit more, and fully come to appreciate all it has to offer.

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Whisky brokers
If you have ever been in a situation where you tasted an exquisite whisky, but have been unable to find it afterwards, you will love this service. We have contacts all over the world, and we can try and track down specific bottles of a certain brand for you.

Should we find a store or an individual selling, we will negotiate on your behalf and try to ensure you your favorite dram.

Pricing varies, and will be greatly dependent on the rarity and the amount of effort required to obtain the whisky.

NOTE: Peter Schmitz is originally from Holland and understands Danish, but all tastings will be held in English.