With whisky becoming more and more popular and the number of distilleries worldwide increasing exponentially in an attempt to try and deal with the higher demand, the number of books about the art of whisky seems to be increasing as well. We figured it might be nice giving you an oversight of books that might appeal to anyone with an interest in whisky.

This page is not intended to sell you anything, really. It will contain links to books where we find them; whether that happens to be in the public domain, or on other sites. When we locate a book on Amazon, we will link to the book using our referral link. This will not cost you anything extra, but if you would click it and end up making a purchase through it, we will get a small referral fee that we will reinvest in our site (perhaps by purchasing a sample bottle of whisky for our reviewing or something along those lines).



 “Whisky: The Manual” is a stylish guide full of practical tips ad useful information on enjoying whisky. Authored by Dave Broom, an award winning author, whisky expert, and editor-in-chief of Whisky Magazine, Dave’s wealth of knowledge makes this book a great way to learn more about the world of whisky.

Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch” is considered by some to be the ultimate guide to whisky. Authored by the late Michael Jackson (no, not the singer), this book was updated and revised by a team of whisky experts, features an in-depth look at the distilling process, lots of stunning images, and background information as well as tasting notes of a seemingly endless amount of whiskies.

Wort, Worms and Washbacks” is a book containing the memoirs of John McDougal, who worked for over 35 years in the whisky industry, with jobs ranging from purchasing barley to managing entire distilleries. “Wort, Worms and Washbacks is a walk down memory lane, giving a rare insight into the wonderful world of whisky distillation.

The Malt Whisky File; the connoisseurs guide to malt whiskies and their distilleries“, ISBN 086241 6515, was a limited edition book presented by the Classic Malts of Scotland. It contains descriptions of the various distilleries, as well as tasting notes, and some generic advice. Published in 1995, it can be considered outdated now, though updated versions have been made.

Whiskypedia: A compendium of Scottish Whisky” contains a treasure trove of background information about the different distilleries. Additionally, it contains background information about the distillation process, explanation of the equipment used by the distilleries, and how to read a whisky label.