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Peter Schmitz

Peter Schmitz – Owner of Scottish Delight

Scottish Delight is a company created and founded by Peter Schmitz to promote and encourage people to find out more about the whisky, and Scottish culture.

The idea for the company came after a life-long interest in the Scottish culture and traditions, more than a decade of whisky-enjoyment and, perhaps surprisingly, a period of about a year where Peter developed a keen interest in the music of the Scottish band Runrig.

The thought behind doing whisky tastings stems from when Peter discovered Single Malt whiskies. He’d typically go to the nearest liquor store, and get whatever whisky was on sale. That by itself is a great way to discover different whiskies, but by sticking to a single bottle a time, it is really difficult to compare notes between the whiskies, and discovering a favorite type greatly depends on luck. Our tastings should help remove the luck, and allow for the participants to find what they enjoy most relatively easily.

Peter finally settled down in his career and finds himself doing Business Intelligence nowadays. A life-long lover of IT, making a career out of his hobby. Peter was born and raised in the very south of The Netherlands, where people are like Hobbits; they enjoy good food, nice drinks and the general pleasures in life. Peter’s favorite dram is anything by Laphroaig.

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