Glen Deveron/Macduff Distillery Information

The Glen Deveron distillery was founded in 1959/1960 on the rugged north east coast of Scotland by the banks of the river Deveron, in the Speyside region. Confusingly, it was also known as the Macduff distillery at various points in time (switching back and forth between Glen Deveron and Macduff over the years. The switching in names can likely be attributed to Macduff being a trademark of Distillers Company Limited (a predecessor of Diageo). ). The whisky produced at the distillery is currently sold under the Glen Deveron name. The distillery was founded by a consortium of local businessmen (Brodie Hepburn, George Crawford and Martin Dyke) using the name of Macduff distilleries Ltd. The first distillation took place on the 30th of June 1960.

The distillery started out with 2 stills, but an additional still was fitted in 1965. Another still was added in 1967, and in 1972 the distillery was sold to William Lawson Distillers Ltd (who are known for their blend under the same name). In 1980, William Lawson was acquired by Martiniti & Rossi. 1990 saw the addition of a fifth still.

In 1992, Martini & Rossi became part of the Bacardi brand, and Glen Deveron/Macduff has been under their ownership ever since, though Dewar & Sons (a subsidiary of Bacardi) are in charge of running the distillery (along with Royal Brackla, Aberfeldy, Aultmore and Craigellachie). Most (about 90%) of the Glen Deveron/Macduff whisky currently is used for blending, with less than 500,000 bottles being sold as Single Malt, half of which finds its way to France.

Glen Deveron in some ways was a true pioneer for the whisky industry, being the first distillery to use indirect heating by means of steam coils, employing the use of shell-and-tube condensers, as well as being the first distillery to use a stainless steel mash tun. All of these novelties are now common standards in the distillery world.

Glendeveron/Macduff Whisky

Glen Deveron was first released as a Single Malt in the mid-1970s, back then as an 8 year old. The current core range of Glen Deveron is matured in Sherry-oak casks, exclusive to travel retail (UK And Spain only) and consists of the following:

  • 16 Year
  • 20 Year
  • 30 Year

Independent bottlings are sold under the Macduff name.

Distillery info:

NameGlen Deveron / Macduff
Founded1959 / 1690
Water sourceGelly Burn
Owned byBacardi

Macduff Distillery
AB45 3JT
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1261 - 81 26 12

Visitor centreNo

Distillery Setup:

Mash tun? tonnes1 (Stainless Steel)
Washbackwashback_c litres9 (Stainless Steel)
Wash still? litres2
Spirit Still? litres3
Expected yearly output in LPA (Litres of pure alcohol)2,400,000