Speyside distillery information

The Speyside Distillery & Bonding Co. was formed in 1955 by whiskymaker George Christie, who bought a stretch of land (the Old Milton Estate) in 1956 that he initially used to build a grain distillery on. In 1962, construction of a Single Malt distillery started, built by hand by Christie himself. Work on the stone building was not finished until 1987, and even then it took until December 1990 before the first distillation commenced.

The Speyside Distillery

The Speyside Distillery

The distillery is located just below the small village of Drumguish in the Speyside region of Scotland, making it the most southern Speyside distillery, and putting it closer to the source of the River Spey than any other distillery in Scotland. There used to be an older distillery on the same land, operating under the name Drumguish, but it closed in 1911.

Water for the distillery is drawn from the old mill lade which used to run the waterwheel that powered the old mill. The water is used for the distillation as well as cooling in the distillery. The mashtun is a semi-lauter GlenSpey mashtun, and was the last one of its kind produced by Newmill engineering before they closed down.

The Speyside Stills

The Speyside Stills

Speyside whisky

Several different brands are produced at the distillery:

  • Củ Dhub
  • Drumguish (no age statement)
  • Glentromie
  • Speyside 10 Year Old (discontinued)
  • Speyside 12 Years Old
  • Speyside 15 Years Old

The distillery also produced blends:

  • Best Seller
  • Glen Hood
  • Scottish Prince
  • Yokozuma

Lastly, they also act as independent bottlers, using the name Scotts Selection.

Distillery info:

Water sourceRiver Tromie
Owned bySpeyside Distillery Co. Ltd.

Speyside Distillers Co Ltd.
Duchess Road.
Rutherglen. Glasgow. G73 1AU.
T: 0141 647 4464.

Visitor centreNo

Distillery Setup:

Mash tun4 tonnes1 (semi-lauter)
Washback20,000 litres4
Wash still13,000 litres1
Spirit Still7,000 litres1
Expected yearly output in LPA (Litres of pure alcohol)600,000