Annandale distillery information

Annandale is located close to the border between England and Scotland, near the port-town of Annan, that lies in Dumfriesshire in the lowlands of Scotland. Founded in 1830 by George Donald, the distillery was designed somewhat like a farm that grew its own barley, with distillation into whisky in mind. Passing through several owner’s hands (including the Johnnie Walker company), it remained active until shortly after World War 1 (it was mothballed in 1919, and finally closed in 1921). The Annandale distillery was then obtained by the Robinson family for farming purposes.

The Annandale distillery

The Annandale distillery

However, Annandale has recently been reactivated as a distillery. After a nearly 90 year  in hibernation, it was purchased by Annandale Distillery Company Limited in 2007, and throughout 2008, plans were designed for reconstructing the ruins into a working distillery. Great care was taken to preserve the old distillery’s look and feel, to the extent where archaeologists were called in, and historic records were checked to ensure the new look and feel of the distillery would be as authentic to the original as possible. Reconstruction commenced all the way throughout 2013, and the distillery filled its first cask in November 2014.

Annandale whisky

The distillery contains an old pagoda-roofed kiln, such as typically is used in combination with peat, leading the team to conclude that the old Annandale whisky might have been a smoky one; nowadays rare for a Lowland whisky. The new owners want to try and go back to the distillery’s roots, and thus are aiming at creating both a peated and a non-peated expression.

The wash stills and spirit still at Annandale.

The wash stills and spirit still at Annandale.


Distillery info:

Founded1830 / 2007 (restarted)
Water sourceBore hole on site
Owned byAnnandale Distillery Company Limited

Annandale Distillery
Scotland DG12 5LL

Visitor centreYes

Distillery Setup:

Mash tun2.5 tonnes1
Washback12,000 litres4
Wash still12,000 litres1
Spirit Still4,000 litres2
Expected yearly output in LPA (Litres of pure alcohol)250,000


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