About Scottish Delight

Scottish Delight is a company created and founded by Lykke and Peter to promote and encourage people to find out more about the Scottish culture within first and foremost Denmark (where Lykke was born and raised) and The Netherlands (where Peter originates from), but with a larger future audience in mind. The idea for the company came after a life-long interest in the Scottish culture and traditions by both, more than a decade of whisky-enjoyment by Peter and, perhaps surprisingly, a period of about a year where both developed a keen interest in the music of the Scottish band Runrig. When brainstorming for a name, we quickly agreed on the name involving either Scotland and Scottish. Scottish Delight ended up being our favorite name from all the suggestions we came up with.

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Lykke has a career in media and marketing, with a strong interest in graphic design. She also possesses excellent cooking skills, which might be able to try the results off during some of the tastings. A loving mother of three beautiful girls, Lykke was born and raised in the same village as the Danish queen.

Lykke’s favourite dram is Bowmore Surf.

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Peter finally settled down in his career and finds himself doing Business Intelligence nowadays. A life-long lover of IT, making a career out of his hobby. Peter was born and raised in the very south of The Netherlands, where people are like Hobbits; they enjoy good food, nice drinks and the general pleasures in life.

Peter’s favourite dram is anything by Laphroaig.