I figured a nice way to start off this blog is by explaining how the idea of Scottish Delight, and creating a product out of an introduction to whisky was born. My interest in whisky started when I was in my mid-twenties. After a corporate diner, my boss, a whisky enthusiast, ordered a round of single malt whisky and cigars for everyone. Unlike the stuff I was served years earlier when I first attempted to try whisky (most likely a Johnnie Walker red label), this tasted like something quite extraordinary, with waves of different flavours tickling my senses. The morning after I woke up, and figured I wanted to know more about whisky.


So I took off to a nearby liquor store, and expressed my desire to learn more about the wonderful world of Scotch. The gentleman who helped me sold me a bottle they had on sale, and to be honest, I cannot even remember the brand or taste. I probably took 3 months to slowly work my way to the bottom of the bottle, and then returned to the same store. I went home with another bottle that happened to be on sale at the time, courtesy of the same friendly man manning the fort. Rinse, wash, repeat for several years. After a while, whenever I returned, he (I never got his name, but just decided that the next time I’m in the area, I’ll head over and find out, as well as get a picture taken.) presented me with a gift, and did so several times afterwards as well. It wasn’t anything big; things like a nosing glass the shop got on a promotional deal, or a small book with information about whisky), but it was nice being encouraged on my journey.

It wasn’t until I ended up going home with a bottle of 15 year old Laphroaig that the whisky bug truly got to me. I had one glass, and it instantly became my favorite whisky ever. I ended up returning much faster than I did before.

I assume most people might get started with whisky like this. Either you get lucky and hit whatever you happen to like, or you might miss out on the wonderful world of whisky that lies just waiting to be discovered by you. So that’s what we hope to do. We want to introduce those who have an interest in whisky to the different styles of whisky. We selected 1 whisky from each of the 6 Scottish whisky regions, and during a two-hour tasting, not only will you learn how whisky is made, how to best enjoy and taste whisky, but you will also get to taste 6 distinct whiskies. With some luck, you’ll find something you truly enjoy, and you can then proceed by zooming in on that particular region.